Wha-Obsession Confession! Open Back Frames

We here at Wha-la are wh-obsessed with open back frames!  These frames are meant to be hung on the wall and are sold as just the frame face, sans backing material and hanging hardware.  Open back frames are commonly used for traditional profile stretched canvases, but they can be used for so much more.  First, let’s admire how gorgeous open back frames can be on their own:



Now,  let’s see how many “Wha-la!” moments you can create with these wonderfully versatile open back frames!

1. Open back frames can be used to highlight children’s artwork, and display them and rotate them often, so you and others can enjoy their work rather than relegating them to a drawer or a dust-collecting pile. Clip them to the tops of the frames, or use double sided tape to hang them within the frames, and Wha-la!  Works of art!


2. You can use the same concept with your photographs.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time or patience to take down photo frames, remove the back, replace another picture, re-assemble the frame, and hang it back up, and do it every time I have a new picture I want to display.  This is so much easier, and artsy to boot!


3. Who hasn’t dealt with an unkempt mudroom or entryway?  Open back frames can be used to corral your or your kids’ important papers, artwork, and backpacks/jackets and make the walk into your home less stressful and chaotic feeling.  And, imagine how put-together your house will look to your guests?  Every day can be a Wha-la moment when you can have people over at any time of day!


4. This decorating idea is a no brainer.  Just group your open back frames in any random pattern you like, in any room of your house!  And Wha-la!  Now who’s the decorating genius behind these unique designs?



images (1)

5. Open back frames can also be used to create jewelry holders.  All you need to do is buy a metal sheet from a home improvement store, or even your local Target or Walmart, cut to fit the frame, and either glue gun it or staple it to the back of the frame. And Wha-la!  The chic-est looking jewelry holder ever.

metal sheet_blog (1)

metal sheet-whimsical frame_blog

6. This may be our favorite and most budget-friendly decorating idea using open back frames:  Do-it-yourself picture molding!  Simply purchase the open back frames that will fit the space you’re trying to decorate, and then glue and/or nail (preferably both) the frames to your wall, fill the holes, sand, and paint.  Wha-la!  Your home looks a million bucks!



Which of these ideas do you plan to use in YOUR home?  Let us know and post a picture of your handiwork in the comments!  We’d love to see how creative our Wha-la readers are!