Wha-la! Inventive tips for a rejuvenated small space aesthetic

Whatever size home you live in space saving hacks can help keep you organized and maximize the creative potential of any room. Today’s blog post compiles our top tricks that can dramatically transform the room you are already have a base for. If you would rather go for a full makeover our pinterest board and Wha-la team are full of ideas to maximize the floor plan you of your home.

Our first tip is floating shelves. Floating shelves can be made of any material, color, and size… this makes them appropriate for every wall and corner of the home. With simple DIY installation possibilities how can you not love this space saving idea? Below are examples showing the flexibility of this shelving style:




Lucite furniture is not only incredibly stylish but its translucent properties allow it to complete open up a room. Rather than haven a dark and heavy coffee table try switching it up with something clear in order to maximize the natural light in a room and to give the illusion of more space than you actually have. Even though this style of table does not have drawers for storage, you can purchase a cute basket to place underneath to serve your storage needs.



Another space and simple trick to give the illusion a larger room while maintaining surface space that you need is the use of floating tables: specifically floating bedside tables. Because the bedroom receives a lot less traffic than common areas this delicate accessory is the perfect addition. These wood trinkets are perfect for anyone seeking more floor space and updated, modern styles in their room, but you can vary in size and material to achieve this look.


Small hallway, porch, or multi-purpose room? Half tables are the perfect solution (and are incredibly chic) to make the most of a potentially cramped space. Half tables are often seen in entranceways but can be used in so many other rooms in visually stunning ways. These are examples of how smart design strategies don’t have to compromise beauty.



Finally, we can talk about multi-purpose furniture! With so many fun and creative new pieces coming out every day it is hard to just pick a few, but remember there are infinite custom possibilities if you cant find a piece you love on the market. The key to these pieces is their ability to hide the storage spaces within as well as serving multiple purposes depending on what purpose the room is serving. This coffee table also serves as a desk and a bookshelf, perfect for smaller homes or apartments that may not have room for separate office space. Additionally, we see a custom staircase that provides a place for the kids to store their shoes. Whether it is sports season or just rainy season these is an amazing solution to keep shoes systematized and out of sight.



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