Utilize Every Inch of Closet

Closet space is a must have! But most closets aren’t being utilized correctly. Hanging up a shelf and rod is not the way to really use a closet wisely.

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Closets should have dedicated space for each dedicated item. Shoes, dresses, jewelry, and everything else should be easily accessible.

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Now we know not every closet has the square footage to accommodate all of our needs, but that shouldn’t change a thing! Designed well, any closet size can work.

Oh ya I need this closet 3000 square feet. It's the average persons whole house!:

Each closet should feel luxurious when you step in it. That means great lighting, mirrors, stunning flooring, and plenty of closed storage.

Scooting a dresser into the closet is a smidge of storage smarts that needs to catch on in a major way. Not only does it put drawers right where you need them, but it also provides a flat surface at just-right jewelry-donning, mirror-gazing, lipstick-swiping height. Elegant metallic wallpaper adhered to the inside wall provides a pop of pattern. We also love that this snug space utilizes even the tiniest crevices for storage, including areas near the ceiling and on the floor.:

Are you happy with your closet?

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