Striking and Sensational: Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be intimidating…. some people stray away for due to floral nightmares from waiting rooms of past but we are seeing wallpaper make a contemporary comeback. We want to share with you some wallpaper tips to help you refresh a room while maintaining an update-to-date style.

floral laundry room

Who said laundry rooms had to be boring? This is NOT your grandmother’s floral! Bold color contrasts are still possible while maintaining neutral color scheme as demonstrated by these black and while walls. The pop of the white flowers on a dark wall gives the wallpaper a 3D effect and gives the illusion of a larger interior space of the room.

bathroom ceiling

Here at Wha-La we want to make your home unique… one smart and simple way to do that is to extend the reach of your walls! Choosing a light color scheme allows you to create a breathable room while the wallpaper extends to the ceiling creating the impression of loftier bathroom walls. In this room we see a more vintage wallpaper pattern used in a non-traditional way keeping the bathroom comfortable but modern.

blue floral half and half

This hallway is another great example of blending unexpected, adventurous patterns with traditional décor concepts. The choice of a floral print and wooden molding along the bottom half of the wall alludes to classic styling, but playful colors keep the room exciting. Painting the wood teal and the choice of a dramatic, fiery floral keeps this wallpaper look from being too dated.

fish shower

Feeling flashy? This eccentric fish wallpaper is perfect for any bathroom, fitting nicely with the clear glass shower. Daring to be unique (even thematic!) in your rooms often produces a big reward… we can see that with the choice of ceiling to floor wallpaper in a gutsy pattern this room would be a standout in any home.

bathroom green

This is another favorite example of how to transform a bathroom into a beautiful and welcoming space through wallpaper. The creation of an accent wall through the placement of wallpaper on only one wall of the room creates an impact. The choice of a warm, bright green to offset the crisp white of the room packs the final punch. We love the hip, linear pattern that elongates the space into a place you would actually want to hang out.

geometric patterns

Here we see how to update a traditional art deco look. The choice of marble, metallic and monochromatic triangles with seeming different textures creates a one of a kind wall! By merging of modern patterns and textures with geometric shapes the look is not only updated it is enhanced. The rose gold hues create a feminine look while also allowing the room to maintain a purposeful and intentional atmosphere. Walls like this are sure to draw room envy from any guest who enters your home!

Need help figuring if a room in your house needs a wallpaper facelift? Contact us! We are here to help you find your unique designs!