Make Room for Two

When it comes to being a large family, sometimes we forget to cater to the most important two. The two who are taking care of the rest! How many times have you heard, “You can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself.”

6 Calm and Neutral Spaces for the New Year | Rue:

We believe that statement to be true. Maybe it’s time this year to make sure you are providing room for the two of you to connect but still function well in your home.

rustic farmhouse bathroom:

Give yourself and your other half the feeling of head of the table with large chairs or maybe even a simple bathroom update to accommodate for two sinks?

22 Creative Workspace Ideas for Couples via Brit + Co. - Again, love the clean look but I would need storage:

Working from home is a trend that keeps growing. Maybe a duel office space where you can be together but still function well is a must have this year.

Major snaps to @athartwell for mastering the (difficult) art of decorating the area in front of a bay window, with two beautiful swoop-arm chairs found #onOneKingsLane!!:

Whatever space it is that you both need. Go in on it together, and spoil each other over it. This year it’s okay to you put you two first.

Picture credits: 1. rue 2. jerseyicecreamco 3. 4. Instagram