Inspiring Color Schemes

Picking a color scheme for the room is a great first step in the design process. Most people are drawn towards a certain color but soon find out they’d like to change later after they’ve painted the entire room and designed it.

Love the paint colors you saw in the Better Homes and Gardens color story? Get the paint color names, plus tips and tricks for decorating with color.:

Instead of looking at one color, combined it with a few others. This will give you a sense of how the room can come together and which color would be best used for an accent.

AHA! This is the one! The way to arrange the newly built in fridge and cupboards that go flush to the corner. Only flip it to have the fridge on the right and we are set. Yay! The Shabby Nest: 31 Days of All Things Home: My New House Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration~:

The variety of colors that come together are what make the room feel well designed.

colors for the home ... color grouping of chalky blues ... Better Homes and Gardens ... great palette!!:

What kind of mood are you trying to create for the room? Certain colors provoke certain moods but not only that, they can give us a sense of comfort.

Julianne Moore--Top 10 Best Celebrities Homes; the best decorated and designed.

You might be looking for a specific feeling when you walk into the room and pairing that with the right colors can create one amazing space.

Better Home And Gardens Featured Paint Shades:

If you tend to lean towards a pastel color scheme, you might be surprised at what neutral colors can do with pastels to create a space that is far from “baby” pastel.

The pink curtains make it a bit girly for me, but I still like the clean lines and brass coffee table.:

Each color scheme should be something you are personally drawn to.

Fall color pallets ideas for a fall wedding.  You can make all these colors with frosting or fondant.:

If you are someone who likes to change with the season, neutral paint and colorful accessories are your color scheme!

Decorating with... Orange {Inspirational Fall Decor} this color combo,must do somewhere in or around the house!!:

One space can be completely transformed by colorful accessories alone!

Do you know what your color scheme is? Let us help you find the perfect one.