How To: Contemporary Dining Rooms

Dinning rooms are often forgotten in the home, a room used a fraction of the 365 days in a year. This blog post should inspire you to change that! We can give fun simple ideas for how to re-vamp the room where your family will make lifelong memories while sharing meals. Our key take-aways? Accent pieces, lighting hacks, and incorporating fresh statement pieces into already furnished rooms.

Blue dinning room, Rikki Snyder

Fun colors and carpet are why we love this room! A bright blue and yellow is a complimentary color combination that is popular across design fields and continues to provide a breath of fresh air in the dinning room. In this room, we see how relatively neutral furniture can be combined with accents with crisp hues. This is a perfect little update for our lighthearted color lovers out there because the only color in the room comes from the walls and the carpet. This shows how easy you can create a big change while keeping your existing furniture.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 12.58.45 PM


This dinning room is all about the lighting choices; the overhead architecture uses recessed lighting to elongate the space. The unique chandelier chosen as the centerpiece for the room creates a serene atmosphere with unified neutral colors. Additionally, the clear glass wine cellar allows natural light from the other rooms of the house to enter the space. Finally the candles throughout the room and as the table centerpiece provide subtle mood lighting.

Wha-la secret! You can you electronic candles and still maintain the same elegance without the hassle or mess!

traditional-dining-room, 5 mirrors

This room is an amazing example how to use mirrors to open up a room without windows. This dinning room is created out of a small, recessed, circular space, perfect way so create a charming space for a meal if you don’t have a full dinning room. The pattern of repeated, vertical mirrors creates depth and reflects light while providing a calm aesthetic. Additionally, the choice of a white and cream color scheme, simple furniture and lighting, and simple round table creates a hospitable charm.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 1.50.13 PM

Here, we see a standout room because of the natural atmosphere while still using bright color choices. The decision to go with an energetic orange color scheme can be daunting, but it works great with the natural wood finishes. The statement piece here is the playful table runners: accessories like place settings are a cheap and easy way to completely transform the room with trimmings. The table centerpiece ties the whole exciting ensemble together. Finally, the more prominent pieces of furniture in the room are neutral colors allowing you flexibility depending on the season and mood for your dinning celebration.

gold and blue dinning room by coleccion alexandra

Daring, regal and dripping elegance… this dinning room encompasses it all. We love this room because it is all about making a statement. A square table is uncommon and the choice of rich teal paired with a gold color oozes glam. This is highlighted by the unity of color scheme throughout: down to the chandelier and wall accents. Even if you would never consider such a daring space for daily dinners it can be fun to serve in a dinning room fit for a king for parties and holidays.

black and white

We love this room for the simplicity. Black and white never goes out of style, and just because you are accenting with two neutral colors you can still make a dinning room plush and lux. The elegant white accessories on the walls and furniture demonstrate that. This room can host both daily dinners and parties that last for hours. The floral wallpaper is incredibly hip right now and the black accent mirror pop of the wall. This room balances both sophistication and fun in all the best ways.

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