Father’s Day- Do it Yourself!

Father’s day can be tricky…. and it is already right around the corner! This year we are looking at how to spice up your homes accessories with DIY projects that the whole family will love. With a focus on warn, earthy tones and smoky wooden accents you can create a balance between masculinity and comfort in any home space.

This cooler is a great gift that can generate a buzz in more ways than one at any summer party! With this fabulous barrel ice bucket, we see how to refashion a boring cooler into something that mixes both refinement and rustication. This transforms any deck into a visually appealing space that has the perfect balance of classiness and fun and can provide a great DIY project for any family.reclaimed-tequila-barrel-ice-chest-xl

We continue to see that for Father’s Day you can never go wrong with a little bit of alcohol. This simple shot glass rack can be made with any quick trip to Home Depot to grab a few pieces of wood and some paint. Whether it helps your husband reminisce on his youth or just provides a summer activity for your kid’s home from college, the American flag allusion is a great accent to any man cave for the summer.

American Flag shot glass

For those who may like to get their hands a little dirty, refurbishing an old truck bed is a great idea of how to bring the robust nature of a garage into the home. This custom piece can double as both a bench and a storage space! With it’s toughened and rugged finish this DIY is sure to bring a smile to any dads face this Father’s Day.


Finally, we can look at how to elevate a common household accessory in a refreshing way. The wooden holder for this game of darts rejuvenates the standard style of the game as well as provides protection for your walls and organization for the pieces. Whether your husband wants to invite some friends over to play or you spend time bonding with your kids creating the wooden shelf, this is a great idea for both polishing up your home and ensuring lasting entertainment.

Fathers day- Dart Board