Celebrating USA: Red, White & Blue

Red white and blue looks great in any room, which is one of the reasons we LOVE the Fourth of July here at Wha-la! We’ve got inspiration galore for chic ways to incorporate a patriotic color scheme into countless rooms of the house so you can make sure to celebrate in style.

Red white and blue bedroom

The bedroom is one of the easiest places to incorporate stars and stripes. If you want to keep the bed and walls relatively neutral be sure to include bold accent pieces such as throw pillows, lighting fixtures and curtains add a pop to any room!

FullSizeRender (1)

The best part of the Fourth is when the sun begins to set! Make sure your home is prepared to host guests as the day turns into night… a great way to this is to blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Simple lanterns, potted plants and outdoor seating arrangements allow you to create a gentle ambiance that mixes elegance with a splash of the U-S of A.

Chic Red White and Blue living room

A home doesn’t need to be red white and blue for only one day of the year! Don’t forget that these colors go beautifully together even without all the stars and stripes. Try mixing new patterns and textures such as the plush velvet chairs and the furry throw pillows in the sophisticated living room above.

Adult RWB bedroom

Mixing hues is another way to modernize this classic combo. These light blue walls and orangey-red tables revolutionize the traditional flag colors. Pair a simple change such as the shade of color with classic, clean pieces. This room offsets its bold accents with a simple all white bed and the lavish navy couch.

Red White and Blue bar

Who doesn’t love a beautiful kitchen? The center of life in the house should be both practical and stylish. Choosing to have a bar style island is smart way to serve guests a cocktail or the kids and quick breakfast! If you aren’t ready to go full on red white and blue subtle pieces such as red stools can give your room the pop of color you were looking for.

These are just a few examples of how you can take any room in the house, or outside of it, and add a splash of red white and blue. We hope you are feeling both inspired and festive!