A Stunning Mix of Elegant and Rustic

At Wha-la we get a fun mix of different styles. Usually each person has their own unique taste and mixing them together to great a shared space can be difficult. Initially, it may seem like a difficult thing to do, but you might be surprised on what mixes well. Today we are showing of a stunning mix of elegant and rustic:

Open #kitchen with brick and rustic beams. #design:
Rustic doesn’t have to bee straight from the barn. Natural touches of wood tones mixed in with elegant high end materials can create a beautiful masterpiece.

Floors + ceiling. This is my favorite combination of color and texture.:

It can be adapted in almost any room. A mix of dark hardware and fixtures, with bright flooring and walls, and a touch of wood can create a divine space.

Oooo mmmmyyyy!:

Stunning luxury can go right along with rustic too! The interesting thing about luxury is that it goes hand in hand with comfort, and comfort goes hand in hand with rustic!

design by Heather Scott Home & Design owner, Heather Blue Harkovich, photography by Ryann Ford photography:

Elegant and rustic isn’t just for women! You can create a stunning room perfect for a man cave or office.

Reclaimed wood is perfection in this bathroom. I'm going to have it all over my future house.:

What do you think of the elegant and rustic combination?