A bedroom for two!

Decorating a bedroom for one person in your family can be quite a challenge. Decorating for two can be quite impossible! Here are some examples that may help you get an idea of how you can decorate for two.

Amber Interiors - Before + After: Client Double Thumbs-Up. Photos by Tessa Neustadt:

Keep it simple! With white walls and neutral tones, you can easily change out decor with the ever changing ones in your life. Switching out pictures, throw pillows, and a rug is much simpler than an entire room.

Guest room.:

A guest bedroom for two? Keep it simple and symmetrical! There’s something stunning about symmetry.

Love this idea! Fabulous lighting on personal bedside/bookshelf. Two Beds with One Shared Headboard, Cottage, Boy's Room:

Need something for the males? A touch of blue will do. The whole room doesn’t need to be masculine, just a touch will do the trick.

Two Twin Beds with Desk In Between

Do you need help decorating for two? Send us a message and we’ll help you!

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