Wha-la! Inventive tips for a rejuvenated small space aesthetic

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Whatever size home you live in space saving hacks can help keep you organized and maximize the creative potential of any room. Today’s blog post compiles our top tricks that can dramatically transform the room you are already have a base for. If you would rather go for a full makeover our pinterest board and Wha-la team are full of ideas to maximize the floor plan you of your home.

Our first tip is floating shelves. Floating shelves can be made of any material, color, and size… this makes them appropriate for every wall and corner of the home. With simple DIY installation possibilities how can you not love this space saving idea? Below are examples showing the flexibility of this shelving style:




Lucite furniture is not only incredibly stylish but its translucent properties allow it to complete open up a room. Rather than haven a dark and heavy coffee table try switching it up with something clear in order to maximize the natural light in a room and to give the illusion of more space than you actually have. Even though this style of table does not have drawers for storage, you can purchase a cute basket to place underneath to serve your storage needs.



Another space and simple trick to give the illusion a larger room while maintaining surface space that you need is the use of floating tables: specifically floating bedside tables. Because the bedroom receives a lot less traffic than common areas this delicate accessory is the perfect addition. These wood trinkets are perfect for anyone seeking more floor space and updated, modern styles in their room, but you can vary in size and material to achieve this look.


Small hallway, porch, or multi-purpose room? Half tables are the perfect solution (and are incredibly chic) to make the most of a potentially cramped space. Half tables are often seen in entranceways but can be used in so many other rooms in visually stunning ways. These are examples of how smart design strategies don’t have to compromise beauty.



Finally, we can talk about multi-purpose furniture! With so many fun and creative new pieces coming out every day it is hard to just pick a few, but remember there are infinite custom possibilities if you cant find a piece you love on the market. The key to these pieces is their ability to hide the storage spaces within as well as serving multiple purposes depending on what purpose the room is serving. This coffee table also serves as a desk and a bookshelf, perfect for smaller homes or apartments that may not have room for separate office space. Additionally, we see a custom staircase that provides a place for the kids to store their shoes. Whether it is sports season or just rainy season these is an amazing solution to keep shoes systematized and out of sight.



Contact us for all your small space needs…. we would love to give you a consultation!


How To: Contemporary Dining Rooms

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Dinning rooms are often forgotten in the home, a room used a fraction of the 365 days in a year. This blog post should inspire you to change that! We can give fun simple ideas for how to re-vamp the room where your family will make lifelong memories while sharing meals. Our key take-aways? Accent pieces, lighting hacks, and incorporating fresh statement pieces into already furnished rooms.

Blue dinning room, Rikki Snyder

Fun colors and carpet are why we love this room! A bright blue and yellow is a complimentary color combination that is popular across design fields and continues to provide a breath of fresh air in the dinning room. In this room, we see how relatively neutral furniture can be combined with accents with crisp hues. This is a perfect little update for our lighthearted color lovers out there because the only color in the room comes from the walls and the carpet. This shows how easy you can create a big change while keeping your existing furniture.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 12.58.45 PM


This dinning room is all about the lighting choices; the overhead architecture uses recessed lighting to elongate the space. The unique chandelier chosen as the centerpiece for the room creates a serene atmosphere with unified neutral colors. Additionally, the clear glass wine cellar allows natural light from the other rooms of the house to enter the space. Finally the candles throughout the room and as the table centerpiece provide subtle mood lighting.

Wha-la secret! You can you electronic candles and still maintain the same elegance without the hassle or mess!

traditional-dining-room, 5 mirrors

This room is an amazing example how to use mirrors to open up a room without windows. This dinning room is created out of a small, recessed, circular space, perfect way so create a charming space for a meal if you don’t have a full dinning room. The pattern of repeated, vertical mirrors creates depth and reflects light while providing a calm aesthetic. Additionally, the choice of a white and cream color scheme, simple furniture and lighting, and simple round table creates a hospitable charm.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 1.50.13 PM

Here, we see a standout room because of the natural atmosphere while still using bright color choices. The decision to go with an energetic orange color scheme can be daunting, but it works great with the natural wood finishes. The statement piece here is the playful table runners: accessories like place settings are a cheap and easy way to completely transform the room with trimmings. The table centerpiece ties the whole exciting ensemble together. Finally, the more prominent pieces of furniture in the room are neutral colors allowing you flexibility depending on the season and mood for your dinning celebration.

gold and blue dinning room by coleccion alexandra

Daring, regal and dripping elegance… this dinning room encompasses it all. We love this room because it is all about making a statement. A square table is uncommon and the choice of rich teal paired with a gold color oozes glam. This is highlighted by the unity of color scheme throughout: down to the chandelier and wall accents. Even if you would never consider such a daring space for daily dinners it can be fun to serve in a dinning room fit for a king for parties and holidays.

black and white

We love this room for the simplicity. Black and white never goes out of style, and just because you are accenting with two neutral colors you can still make a dinning room plush and lux. The elegant white accessories on the walls and furniture demonstrate that. This room can host both daily dinners and parties that last for hours. The floral wallpaper is incredibly hip right now and the black accent mirror pop of the wall. This room balances both sophistication and fun in all the best ways.

Want to re-do or update your dinning room? Head over to our website to see what we can do for you.

Color Feature: Summer BLUES!

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This week we have been having some midsummers blues, but never fear because interior design inspiration can brighten even the worst of days. The color blue is known for its calming and majestic nature, it fits in any style house and room. It even works on the exterior of your home! Read below to Check out some of our favorite trends and ideas that involve the color BLUE!


Wall art: Sleek and Tasteful. This is a quick and easy way to dramatically change the atmosphere of any room. Don’t know where to begin? Canvas art such as the work below makes having something so grand a little more affordable. The key to picking out the perfect piece to make a proper statement is to maintain a minimal color scheme. This room incorporates shades of blue with cream and white and while the velvet and fur accents on the couch provide a statement, what really completes the room is the wall. This takes the room from stylish to uniquely you! Following trends will keep your home modern but the inclusion of hand picked artwork makes it YOUR one-of-a-kind space.


One of the great things about the color blue is its ability to mix patterns and shades and still look glamorous. Lively patterns such as chevron can be mixed with more common floral walls and still look chic. The mixing and matching of designs keeps a traditional room fresh, adding minimal updates such as changing curtains or painting cabinets can renew a room without completely overhauling the current aura. Try combining dark and light blue with a neutral third color and you will be amazed at it’s ability brighten up a room.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.44.38 PM

If you aren’t quite ready to go full on blue you can choose a neutral base material and provide subtle blue accents. These can be in the form of molding, lighting fixtures, tile, kitchen appliances… you name it! One of the great things about the color blue is that is it pairs nicely with almost all other colors, the key is keeping the number of colors in the room minimal. Here the color scheme maintains an organic yet fresh nature because earthy tones are separated by a minimal pop of sapphire blue.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.44.24 PM

Ritzy dinning rooms are hot right now! What better color choice than a royal blue to revive a retro dinning room. This particular room stands out for its posh velvet chairs and striking lighting. The darkness of the blue is offset by the gold and yellow accents on the walls creating a simply stunning contrast. Additionally, velvet is trending in the market place on chairs and couches for its luxurious nature. Suddenly making dinner doesn’t seem so bad when you get to eat it in a room like this.

cebula design, blue beach bedroom

Blue is the perfect color for any vacation home given its tranquil nature…. In the spirit of summer we love the beach house vibes of this modern bedroom. The range of blues used in this room is what allows it to be so monochromatic! Mixing shades of light blue, even touching into a teal green, is a pleasing palette in any room. The blue patterned carpet transitioning in a blue wall has the potential to be too crazy but in this case it amplifies the soothing nature of the room. This was a bold move but so worth it!

blue and yellow patio, stylestate

Outdoor spaces are a space to spend the evening enjoying a meal, wine, or just each other’s company. These spaces stand out for their adventurous use of bright blue furniture to transform a back yard. We see that you can combine these choices with a neutral white or another bright color such as yellow. In either case the patios place a modern color scheme onto rustic pieces with simple assorted patterns.

blue patio frontgate

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board summer blues for more inspiration! As always if you need to add a little color to your summer blues head over to our website and send us an email to see what we can do for you! ~

Photo Credits: 1. Curated Interior 2. 3. 4. Carolyn Miller Interiors 5. Cebula design 6. Frontgate 7.

Striking and Sensational: Wallpaper

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Wallpaper can be intimidating…. some people stray away for due to floral nightmares from waiting rooms of past but we are seeing wallpaper make a contemporary comeback. We want to share with you some wallpaper tips to help you refresh a room while maintaining an update-to-date style.

floral laundry room

Who said laundry rooms had to be boring? This is NOT your grandmother’s floral! Bold color contrasts are still possible while maintaining neutral color scheme as demonstrated by these black and while walls. The pop of the white flowers on a dark wall gives the wallpaper a 3D effect and gives the illusion of a larger interior space of the room.

bathroom ceiling

Here at Wha-La we want to make your home unique… one smart and simple way to do that is to extend the reach of your walls! Choosing a light color scheme allows you to create a breathable room while the wallpaper extends to the ceiling creating the impression of loftier bathroom walls. In this room we see a more vintage wallpaper pattern used in a non-traditional way keeping the bathroom comfortable but modern.

blue floral half and half

This hallway is another great example of blending unexpected, adventurous patterns with traditional décor concepts. The choice of a floral print and wooden molding along the bottom half of the wall alludes to classic styling, but playful colors keep the room exciting. Painting the wood teal and the choice of a dramatic, fiery floral keeps this wallpaper look from being too dated.

fish shower

Feeling flashy? This eccentric fish wallpaper is perfect for any bathroom, fitting nicely with the clear glass shower. Daring to be unique (even thematic!) in your rooms often produces a big reward… we can see that with the choice of ceiling to floor wallpaper in a gutsy pattern this room would be a standout in any home.

bathroom green

This is another favorite example of how to transform a bathroom into a beautiful and welcoming space through wallpaper. The creation of an accent wall through the placement of wallpaper on only one wall of the room creates an impact. The choice of a warm, bright green to offset the crisp white of the room packs the final punch. We love the hip, linear pattern that elongates the space into a place you would actually want to hang out.

geometric patterns

Here we see how to update a traditional art deco look. The choice of marble, metallic and monochromatic triangles with seeming different textures creates a one of a kind wall! By merging of modern patterns and textures with geometric shapes the look is not only updated it is enhanced. The rose gold hues create a feminine look while also allowing the room to maintain a purposeful and intentional atmosphere. Walls like this are sure to draw room envy from any guest who enters your home!

Need help figuring if a room in your house needs a wallpaper facelift? Contact us! We are here to help you find your unique designs!

Shimmer, Shine and Sparkle… What’s up with Metallic Furniture?

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Who doesn’t love a little sparkle in their life? When trying to incorporate metallic pieces into your home it can be tricky to find the right accents to keep a room looking classy rather than brassy. Wha-la is here to help with some quick tricks that can transform any room in your house into an enchanting and sophisticated space!

blue bathroom
The bathroom is one of the easiest places to bring in metallic features. Brass bathtubs are incredibly popular right now and look great with both neutral and chromatic color schemes. Include details such as mirror frames and towel racks with the same shade of bronze to maintain harmony across the room.

Metallic throw pillows

If you aren’t ready to commit to a large (or expensive) piece of furniture quite yet accents like throw pillows and framed artwork are smart ways to spice up more modest pieces…. such as a cream couch. The key is to mix and match texture and shade to keep the composition interesting to the eye.

Want to know a WHA-LA secret? If you can’t find wall art you like, try something DIY. You can fill any white frame with wrapping paper, scrapbook paper or even artwork of your own design!

Silver wall

Wallpaper is making a come back! What better way to make a vivacious metallic statement than with ornate silver wallpaper? There are infinite possibilities of color combinations and patterns to match the layout of an already furnished room that just needs a pick me up. Pair statement wallpaper with simple and monochrome furniture to complete the stylish look.

Gold ceiling

Feeling a little more daring than wallpaper? Try adding a pop of shine to your ceiling! This gold ceiling compliments the gold base of the couch beautifully, unifying the composition of the room while also adding light. In a room with a lot of natural light, gold is the perfect accent color to brighten a space without looking too gaudy.

Gold Bar

Finally we can look at how to pair metallic with colors…. or lack there of. Black can be a challenging color in interior design, but when done correctly we simply LOVE the end result. Mixing gold a black through the use of a large statement piece and smaller accessories is a perfect way to do this. It keeps the room from being too dark and places an even greater focus on your eye-catching chrome piece of choice!


Need help adding some sparkle to your home? Contact us! We are here at to make your wildest interior design wishes a reality.














Celebrating USA: Red, White & Blue

By in Inspiration / June 19, 2017 /

Red white and blue looks great in any room, which is one of the reasons we LOVE the Fourth of July here at Wha-la! We’ve got inspiration galore for chic ways to incorporate a patriotic color scheme into countless rooms of the house so you can make sure to celebrate in style.

Red white and blue bedroom

The bedroom is one of the easiest places to incorporate stars and stripes. If you want to keep the bed and walls relatively neutral be sure to include bold accent pieces such as throw pillows, lighting fixtures and curtains add a pop to any room!

FullSizeRender (1)

The best part of the Fourth is when the sun begins to set! Make sure your home is prepared to host guests as the day turns into night… a great way to this is to blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Simple lanterns, potted plants and outdoor seating arrangements allow you to create a gentle ambiance that mixes elegance with a splash of the U-S of A.

Chic Red White and Blue living room

A home doesn’t need to be red white and blue for only one day of the year! Don’t forget that these colors go beautifully together even without all the stars and stripes. Try mixing new patterns and textures such as the plush velvet chairs and the furry throw pillows in the sophisticated living room above.

Adult RWB bedroom

Mixing hues is another way to modernize this classic combo. These light blue walls and orangey-red tables revolutionize the traditional flag colors. Pair a simple change such as the shade of color with classic, clean pieces. This room offsets its bold accents with a simple all white bed and the lavish navy couch.

Red White and Blue bar

Who doesn’t love a beautiful kitchen? The center of life in the house should be both practical and stylish. Choosing to have a bar style island is smart way to serve guests a cocktail or the kids and quick breakfast! If you aren’t ready to go full on red white and blue subtle pieces such as red stools can give your room the pop of color you were looking for.

These are just a few examples of how you can take any room in the house, or outside of it, and add a splash of red white and blue. We hope you are feeling both inspired and festive!


Father’s Day- Do it Yourself!

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Father’s day can be tricky…. and it is already right around the corner! This year we are looking at how to spice up your homes accessories with DIY projects that the whole family will love. With a focus on warn, earthy tones and smoky wooden accents you can create a balance between masculinity and comfort in any home space.

This cooler is a great gift that can generate a buzz in more ways than one at any summer party! With this fabulous barrel ice bucket, we see how to refashion a boring cooler into something that mixes both refinement and rustication. This transforms any deck into a visually appealing space that has the perfect balance of classiness and fun and can provide a great DIY project for any family.reclaimed-tequila-barrel-ice-chest-xl

We continue to see that for Father’s Day you can never go wrong with a little bit of alcohol. This simple shot glass rack can be made with any quick trip to Home Depot to grab a few pieces of wood and some paint. Whether it helps your husband reminisce on his youth or just provides a summer activity for your kid’s home from college, the American flag allusion is a great accent to any man cave for the summer.

American Flag shot glass

For those who may like to get their hands a little dirty, refurbishing an old truck bed is a great idea of how to bring the robust nature of a garage into the home. This custom piece can double as both a bench and a storage space! With it’s toughened and rugged finish this DIY is sure to bring a smile to any dads face this Father’s Day.


Finally, we can look at how to elevate a common household accessory in a refreshing way. The wooden holder for this game of darts rejuvenates the standard style of the game as well as provides protection for your walls and organization for the pieces. Whether your husband wants to invite some friends over to play or you spend time bonding with your kids creating the wooden shelf, this is a great idea for both polishing up your home and ensuring lasting entertainment.

Fathers day- Dart Board

Keeping Mid Century Modern Upper Class

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We love a mid century modern look, but when it goes too retro it can lose it’s stunning appearance.

37 Amazing mid-century modern bathrooms to soak your senses:

So how do you keep a mid century modern style with an upper class feel? Keep it simple and clean!

Modern bedroom furniture that suits almost any style. The west elm mid-century bedroom furniture collection includes beds, headboards, bed frames, nightstands, dressers, wardrobes, benches + more. Streamlined style for sleeping.:

Keep the clutter away and stick to a more neutral color scheme. Retro loves bright and wild colors.

This could also of course be placed inside the home. Love the wooden table with the mid century modern white chairs. Biddy Craft/desertretro28 | Flickr – Condivisione di foto!:

Make one piece that is a statement mid century modern. The rest of this space is more rustic than anything else and the chairs scream mid century modern.

Reno Rumble Kitchen Reveals - Mid Century Modern Kitchen - Freedom Kitchens:

If you want a complete mid century modern look, go for it! Some spaces can handle more than others.

Nalle's House: DIY Mid-Century Modern Ball Clock:

But the most important rule, is to keep it simple.

1 via onekindesign 2 via westelm 3 via apartmenttherapy 4 via thelifecreativeblog 5 via nalleshouse

Preparing Your Porch

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Your front porch is part of the first impression when someone looks at your home. It’s time to prepare it for some summer fun!

Porch Design and Decorating Ideas : Outdoors : Home & Garden Television. Outdoor living space 2.  Love the vintage trunk.:

Don’t be afraid to dress it up! There are plenty of outdoor materials that are meant to bring color and fun to your front porch.

"In the South, the porch is a sacred place, and there’s no better way to enjoy one than a well-designed porch swing.”:

Make it a space you wouldn’t mind staying and hanging out for a while.

Cape Cod Cottage Remodel:

Keep it simple if that’s what you love! But simple doesn’t have to mean no fun.

Add privacy to your porch with panels of rich blue Sunbrella outdoor fabric.:

And if you need a little help deciding what’s best, we are only a message away!

1 via hgtv 2 via lonny 3 via homebunch 4 via lowes

Let the Summer Fun In!

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The warm weather brings everyone out, but are you hesitant to bring people in for some summer fun? Summer is for getting together and celebrating! Don’t let the fear of your home decor, or lack there of, keep you from hosting amazing get togethers this year! Let us help!

Sugar & Cloth Repin Via Camille Styles:

A quick freshen up can make a huge difference in your home and give you the confidence you need to host an amazing party.

Festive paper pom pom garland. Photo by Ashley Capp and Valerie Wilcox (via Canadian House & Home).:

Keeping everything simple and clean makes decorating for a specific event a breeze!

Serve up a wheelbarrow full of cold beer.:

More interested in setting up your outdoor space for some party fun? We can help there too!


Be ready for whatever the summer may bring!

Shade loving container gardening, planters for front porch, ferns, hydrangea and sweet potato vine...:

But most of all, don’t be afraid to open that door tho whoever you invite. Let your home show off who you are!

1 via camillestyles 2 houseandhome 3 via buzzfeed 4 via designlovefest 5 via dreaminggardens