Interior design for every room in your house

From bedrooms and bathrooms to kitchens and dens.

Julie-canellosMy love of creative design started at an early age, when I got strong enough to rearrange the furniture in my house. I also had a patient mom who didn’t mind my ripping apart old chairs, painting them, and remaking them into something entirely new.

I followed my passion for design to Virginia Tech, where I earned a bachelors in interior design. More than 20 years since graduation, I’ve groomed hundreds home, both interior and exterior. Some jobs have been small, adding pop to a room with new accessories, and some are grand, such as the total redesign of a 14,000-square-foot home.

Along the way, I started posting collages of my selections for clients’ rooms on Facebook—and much to my surprise, started getting hundreds of requests for help. That’s when I decided to expand my business beyond full-service interior design with Wha-La, an online service for homeowners to start, finish, or refresh any room in the house. Our modest flat fee not only buys a Wha-Lage of my selections for your home, but you can also purchase those items directly at discounted prices from what you would find at retail. Don’t want to purchase right away? The Wha-Lage is yours as a guide to find similar items in your area, or to hold onto for when the time is right. Either way, Wha-La gives you the look of an interior designer at a cost you can afford.