A bedroom for two!

By in Inspiration / December 17, 2015 /

Decorating a bedroom for one person in your family can be quite a challenge. Decorating for two can be quite impossible! Here are some examples that may help you get an idea of how you can decorate for two. Keep it simple! With white walls and neutral tones, you can easily change out decor with […]

Utilize Every Inch of Closet

By in Inspiration / December 10, 2015 /

Closet space is a must have! But most closets aren’t being utilized correctly. Hanging up a shelf and rod is not the way to really use a closet wisely. Closets should have dedicated space for each dedicated item. Shoes, dresses, jewelry, and everything else should be easily accessible. Now we know not every closet has […]

Fireplace Update Musts!

By in Inspiration / December 3, 2015 /

It’s finally December! Usually we would all be curled up next to a fire this time of year, but currently we are still in the 50’s! So let’s use this warm weather to our advantage and give our fireplace a makeover before it’s time to use it. Here are some update must haves we suggest: […]